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June 13 2012

The Waveform Necklace. Wear your favourite words around your neck.
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June 02 2012

May 23 2012

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Instructions here:  http://www.minieco.co.uk/8-bit-popup-cards/ I like :)
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February 09 2012

Solder:Time Watch Kit

as a commenter points out, a pocket watch would be cool
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December 19 2011

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November 12 2011

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October 26 2011

October 12 2011

October 08 2011

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cool beim biohacking labor gibts ein bastlergeschäft das verkauft sachen die mim laser gemacht wurden
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October 05 2011

September 26 2011

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September 23 2011

via Armed Notebook - Revolver
Lasercut acryl should work nicely, with a functional CNC router and heavier duty material we should be able to recreate the effect pretty nicely.

September 20 2011

September 08 2011

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